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My Spinning Wheels


My journey into spinning started with the purchase of a second hand spinning wheel - an Ashford Traditional.  It's a one treadle single drive wheel - great for a beginner.  

I spent a week just spinning fibre and really clicked with it.  It was strange getting your foot and hands working separately but you can do it without thinking after practise.  `

My latest wheel purchase was an Ashord E Spinner 3.  It's a fantastic electric wheel without the need for treadling with your legs - great for travel.  It comes with jumbo bobbins - perfect for thicker art yarn.  

I made some hand spun/woven scarves for Open Studios in November 2022 and they were a huge hit.  Such unique gifts.

2023 sees me designing more items - such as small zipped bags and table rugs for starters.  Art batts in particular make really beautiful spun yarn - see the images of fibre rolls below.  Lots of fibres and colours can be combined in an art batt and can be spun as thickly as you prefer.  Alternatively fibre can come in plaited braids which are torn lengthways to create pretty multi coloured yarns.

I would love to dye and card my own art batts sometime in the near future.

hand spun process

hand spun process

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