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Weaving Workshops

Brand new workshops for 2024.

My new workshop space

My brand new studio in the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne.  I have two rooms - one for my working/floor loom and the second for workshops.  I will add more workshops depending on the demand.  Please contact me if dates don't work for you. 


More info:
tapestry weaving techniques

My first workshop class is focusing on tapestry exploration.  I have several looms you can use throughout this class - from my range of Mirrix looms to wooden frame looms.  

one-to-one classes
I have recently started taking on one-to-one clients.  I have a big range of equipment I am happy for you to come and try with guidance from me.  It would be charged on an hourly basis.  

Equipment -

weaving: 12" and 28" knitters loom (rigid heddle), Mirrix pocket looms and 12" Tall and 28" McKinley Mirrix loom, wooden frame looms, Inkle loom.  I also have a new Louet Spring 12 shaft floor loom.

spinning: Ashford traditional spinning wheel, Ashford E Spinner, drum carder and blending board. 

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