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The Story of Liz Whiteside Studio

the love of handwoven

I've always loved creating and design.  My background is as an artist - using charcoal, pastels and acrylics - selling out of local galleries and my studio. 

I moved into textile design - combining my artwork with high quality fabrics initially but then moved more towards pure textile design.   

In March 2021 I was gifted my first rigid heddle loom.  I made cushion fronts and blankets but soon realised I wanted to learn the tapestry technique.  It gives me more freedom to use my artistic background to combine images, colours and textures.  My loom range has grown and I also now spin fibre.  
I want to bring you unique pieces which cannot be found in a shop.  They will have been lovingly made over many hours in my studio.

2023 will see rugs and small framed tapestry art pieces being added to my range of items.  I want to focus on design.


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